akAttack LeverLoc HD (Heavy Duty) Anchor Trolley

YakAttack LeverLoc Anchor Trolley HD

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The first anchor trolley designed specifically for the job, the YakAttack LeverLoc HD (Heavy Duty) Anchor Trolley features a LeverLoc™ line clamp, which locks your trolley line in place with a simple “flip of a switch” motion. Keeping the trolley lines in line is the PadHook, a simple but clever design that combines the functionality of both a pad-eye and a hook, keeping even the tightest trolley lines in place on the side of the kayak, not over your gunwale. When not in use, the easy-knot trolley ring snaps into the base of the LeverLoc™, quietly secured until deployed. Includes 35’ of USA made 550 paracord with a highly reflective tracer. Features YakAttack Stealth Pulleys for super smooth operation. The Heavy Duty (HD) Trolley system includes additional hardware for even more trolley control.


  • Easy installation
  • New YakAttack Stealth Pulleys
  • 35' of highly reflective USA-made 550 paracord
  • Includes all necessary hardware for installation

View YakAttack's video on rigging this product here.