YakAttack BlackPak Pro 13x16

YakAttack BlackPak Pro Kayak Fishing Crate - 13" x 13" (BLP-PRO-13x13)

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YakAttack BlackPak Pro Kayak Fishing Crate - 13" x 13"

The BlackPak Pro is a fully configurable fishing utility crate. Holds multiple fishing rods and other gear. The BLP-PRO-13X13 is 13”x13”x13” (L,W,H).


Injection-molded from UV stabilized polymers, the BlackPak Pro will last for years, even in harsh marine environments. The ultra-stiff panels utilize a rib structure that offers exceptional rigidity with minimal weight, while their interlocking joints ensure an intuitive, frustration-free assembly process.

Rod Holders

Three TetherTube rod holders with integrated but easily removable hook and tether systems ensure your rods stay put if things go wrong. Caged attachment points on both sides of the tube offer multiple hook points, and the oversized hook design is sized to attach directly to the shaft of your fishing rod if desired.


Optimized for a wide variety of tackle boxes, including Plano 3700, Plano Edge, Bass Mafia Bait Coffin, Flambeau, and many more. 


The key to customizing and accessorizing the BlackPak Pro lies in the highly revolutionary GridLock 2D mounting system, which offers a plethora of attachment points on the inside and outside of the panels. This gives the YakAttack design team a platform for which they can design a myriad of dividers, holders, and other attachments.

Specifications and Features

 • 3 Rod Holders with built-in rod leashes

  • • Optimized for 3600 sized tackle boxes
  • • Fits eight 3600 Plano boxes
  • • Hinged lid with secure latches
  • • New lightweight construction
  • • GridLoc Mounting Platform located on every panel
  • • Rubberized feet and built in noise dampening features
  • • Internal dimensions (L, W, H) – 11.9” x 11.9”  x 11.75”
  • • External dimensions (L, W, H)  – 12.94” x 12.94”  x 13.3”
  • • When measuring your kayak's tankwell add 2.75" for every side you intend to attach    TetherTubes
  • • Built for use in harsh marine conditions
  • • Includes stainless steel hardware
  • • Built for Life Guarantee