Werner Powerhouse Fiberglass 4-PC

Werner Powerhouse Fiberglass Whitewater Paddle 4 PC

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Werner Powerhouse Fiberglass Whitewater Paddle 4 PC

The Werner Powerhouse Paddle has large, reinforced blades river runners and creekers use for powerful maneuvers. Full-size blades are evenly balanced for a clean, powerful catch and a strong, smooth stroke.

This is 4-piece paddle with a 30-degree blade offset. Perfect for those traveling to paddle far-flung exotic rivers.


  • Bent shaft puts wrists in a neutral position which is less irritating
  • Carbon shaft
  • 30 degree blade offset choices left or right
  • Premium fiberglass blade provides lightweight responsiveness and durability
  • Larger blades are ideal for physically fit paddlers who love the challenges and thrills of big rivers and creeks
  • Balanced blade design is smooth and powerful from catch to release
  • Indexes on both right and left sides are ovalized offering an intuitive feel for proper placement of hands relative to paddle blades for maximum efficiency and ease of rolling
  • Weight: 41.25 oz.