Werner Kalliste straight shaft low angle kayak paddle at Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe in Portland OR

Werner Kalliste Straight Shaft

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Werner Kalliste Straight Shaft

The Werner Kalliste Straight Shaft kayak paddle is Werner's finest low angle paddling style paddle. It is a full carbon paddle with foam core blades. The light weight and stiff construction of the Kalliste makes it the most efficient paddles for cruising. The buoyant foam core blades lift themselves out of the water at the finish of a stroke.  With medium sized blades it is suited for a wide range of paddlers. Take just a few strokes through the water with this elegant blade and you'll see why the Kalliste is an award winning paddle and a top choice for customers and coaches alike.


  • Blade size: 52 x 16 cm; 650 sq cm
  • Approx 23 1/2 oz.
  • Oval-indexed, Carbon shaft
  • Carbon, foam-core blades
  • Dihedral blade shape reduces flutter and fatigue
  • Mid-sized blades fit the widest range of kayakers
  • Ribless paddle backface for smooth sculling strokes
  • Smart-View™ 15-degree increment adjustable Ferrule
  • The lightest weight option available
  • Standard diameter shaft or small diameter shaft sizes available
  • Hands larger than 7” fit the Standard Shaft.
  • Hands smaller than 6.5” fit the Small Shaft
  • Hands between 6.5” and 7” fit both

Note: When ordering, "STD" = Standard Diameter Shaft; "SM" = Small Diameter Shaft