Wenonah Solo Plus Aramid canoe with black trim at Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe

Wenonah Solo Plus Utra-Light with Aramid Black Trim Solo Touring Canoe

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Wenonah Solo Plus Ultra-Light with Aramid Black Trim

The Wenonah Solo plus is primarily a solo canoe but is designed with seats for tandem paddling as well. So you can have it both ways. Paddled solo, it's efficient gear hauler. It can amply carry enough equipment for a week. And, for those days when paddling together is the aim, it delivers a memorable, efficient, forgiving day on the water.


Ultra-Light with Aramid is Wenonah's most lightweight construction. This makes portaging much easier. Ultra-light hulls are stiff and incredibly light. They are ideal for speed and distance paddling and for all people or conditions that demand the lightest gear. In the Ultra-light construction a structural-foam core and ribs are laminated into the hull and sides. Wenonah also adds extra fabric layers to strengthen specific targeted areas. Aluminum plates are strategically laminated into the hull. Seats, footbraces, and all hardware is then riveted into these plates. This gives a very secure connection and eliminates rivet heads on the exterior.

It's a great combination of qualities such as price, durability, lightweight, and performance.

This canoe is a great option for paddling Central Oregon's Sparks and Hosmer Lakes.


  • Length: 16'6"
  • Width: 32.75"
  • Weight: 40 lbs.