AIRE Tributary spud kids inflatable whitewater kayak at Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe

AIRE Tributary Spud Kid's Inflatable Whitewater Kayak

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AIRE Tributary Spud Kid's Inflatable Whitewater Kayak

Introduce your youngster to the thrilling world of whitewater kayaking with the AIRE Tributary Spud! Perfectly sized for younger paddlers and budget-friendly, this inflatable kayak is a must-have for any family adventure. With the Spud's sporty yet forgiving nature, your growing youth will fall in love with river kayaking.

Add thigh straps and even smaller adults will find the Spud super exciting. The Spud rolls up smaller than a Paco Pad and inflates with a K-pump in about two minutes. It's the perfect small craft to bring along on river trips.


  • Size: The Spud is light and short, which will make it easier for kids to control.
  • Stable: The Spud has a nice, stable feel, giving kids confidence when running waves, punching holes, and crossing eddy lines.


  • Length: 7'2"
  • Width: 35.5"
  • Weight: 21.5 lbs.