Bending Branches Explorer Plus Canoe Paddle near me

Bending Branches Explorer Plus Canoe Paddle

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Bending Branches Explorer Plus Canoe Paddle

The Explorer Plus canoe paddle from Bending Branches is made for touring and flat water paddling where durability is necessary. Its large blade is made of seven laminates of basswood and roasted basswood. Its edge is protected with Rockgard® and 4 oz. wrap of fiberglass. The paddle features a versatile free-style grip and a strong, basswood shaft for comfort and efficiency.

This paddle would be a perfect choice for extended wilderness paddling in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Watch a video on the Explorer Plus here.

For canoe paddle sizing information, check out this video interview by Canoeroots with Bending Branches.


  • Durable with a 4 oz. fiberglass wrapped blade
  • Full Rockgard protection will withstand heavy use
  • 18-laminate shaft provides strength and power


  • Shaft Material: 18-laminate basswood
  • Blade Material: Basswood and roasted basswood
  • Blade Size: 8.1" x 19"
  • Blade Surface Area: 118 sq. in.
  • Grip Type: Freestyle Palm Grip
  • Weight: 23 oz.