Aqua Bound BilgeMaster bilge pump. Kayak bilge pump. Canoe bilge pump.

Aqua Bound BilgeMaster Bilge Pump

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Aqua Bound BilgeMaster Bilge Pump

Dependable and compact, the Aqua Bound BilgeMaster bilge pump moves a high volume of water in no time. The best kayak bilge pump for all your kayaking and canoeing adventures. One feature that distinguishes this pump is that it is field repairable.


  • Expels one gallon in less than 8 pump strokes
  • High density foam sleeve for flotation
  • Stainless steel piston rod
  • Ergonomic T-grip, sleek profile
  • Attachable modeled eyelet
  • Valve system made from high-density rubber for tighter seal and great efficiency
  • Removable inlet cover to clean out any debris