Slingshot Switchblade Paddle

Slingshot Switchblade Paddle

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Slingshot Switchblade SUP Paddle

The Slingshot Switchblade SUP Paddle is a carbon and fiberglass composite paddle designed for enthusiasts who want a sturdy adjustable paddle that is light weight. The Switchblade can be adjusted from 63-86.3 inches in length and features simple, high-strength clamps that open and close to allow for adjustability on the fly.

The Switchblade, with carbon construction, is lightweight. It is stiff, which adds to efficiency. With the Switchblade, you can enjoy hours of paddling with less stress on your body.


  • 12k carbon/fiberglass hybrid shaft
  • Carbon/fiberglass blade
  • ABS high impact rail
  • Slinglock adjustment


  • Length: 63-86.3"
  • Blade Weight: 688g
  • Surface Area: 750cm2