Aqua Bound Sting Ray Hybrid kayak paddle

Aquabound Sting Ray Hybrid Posi-Lok

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Aquabound Sting Ray Hybrid Posi-Lok Kayak Paddle

The Aquabound Sting Ray Hybrid is a low-angle kayak paddle for a less fatiguing stroke. It is a popular choice for flat and slow moving water. It has a dihedral blade for flutter-free strokes. The blades are injection molded nylon reinforced with fiberglass. A versatile choice for day trips. The Sting Ray has Aqua Bound's proprietary Posi-Lok adjustable ferrule, enabling micro adjusting the feather angle of the paddle blades.


  • Posi-Lok Ferrule System
  • Carbon abX Resin Blades
  • Ovalized Shaft: 100% Carbon
  • Blade Width: 6.25in
  • Blade Length: 18in
  • Blade Surface Area: 87 / 561

The Posi-Lok Ferrule

The Aquabound Sting Ray features the revolutionary Posi-Lok Ferrule System. The internal attachment clicks into place, giving you audible confirmation that your breakdown paddle is securely connected. The Posi-Lok Ferrule allows you to choose your feather angle in 15 degree increments, either direction. When the 2 pieces are put together, there is no play in the ferrule, providing the secure feel of a 1-piece paddle. The Posi-Lok Ferrule is constructed of high quality, corrosion free components, for years of use in demanding conditions.

Full Carbon Shaft

The Aquabound Sting Ray features a full carbon shaft, for unparalleled durability and rigidity in an extremely lightweight package.  The Sting Ray has an extremely light, and well balanced swing weight helping you to paddle farther and faster, with less fatigue.