Current Designs Prana LV Touring Kayak Fiberglass (New 2021 Stock)

Current Designs Prana LV Touring Kayak Fiberglass (New 2021 Stock)

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Current Designs Prana LV Touring Kayak Fiberglass (New 2021 Stock)

Current Designs Prana LV Fiberglass sea kayak, new 2021 stock, for sale at Alder Creek. This kayak has never been used. It was trailered around the country and displayed at trade shows. As such, it has some gel coat marks from trailer straps. It comes with a full warranty.

The Current Designs Prana LV Fiberglass is a lower volume version of the Prana sea kayak made to fit smaller paddlers. The Current Designs Prana Fiberglass is an efficient touring kayak famous for its ease carving turns in conditions, building confidence and inspiring playfulness. This Danish style sea kayak can efficiently carry your loads from one island to another, but it can also be your playful partner in dynamic conditions.

This kayak comes standard with all the features of modern performance sea kayaks. The seating position offers a slightly higher bent leg-affording more purchase in the thigh braces and a more upright-and-athletic-paddling posture. It has front and rear hatches with bulkheads.  Day hatch and bulkhead behind the seat. And a glove box hatch in front of the paddler for smaller items like keys, GPS units, or a cell phone. It has deck elastics to secure gear and perimeter lines for safety. Adjustable foot pegs and skeg, performance backband, hip pads and thigh braces give paddlers the connectivity necessary to drive the boat dynamically.

It is a super fun kayak - a hybrid sea kayak and play kayak! Its hull design inspires further exploration of edged turns because it's so stable.

Once given a demo, so many paddlers say they got struck by lightning and couldn't forget how easy this kayak was to edge! So stable no matter what the angle. Super confidence building!


  • Danish hull design
  • Adjustable skeg
  • Deck elastics
  • Perimeter lines
  • Adjustable foot pegs
  • Thigh braces, hip pads
  • Front, rear, day and glove box hatches
  • Carry handles


  • Overall Length: 17' 0" (518.16cm)
  • Width: 21.00" (53.34cm)
  • Depth: 13.50" (34.29cm)
  • Weight (fiberglass): 52 lbs.
  • Maximum Load: 375 lbs.